A client’s talent manager can do a lot or very little, which is why finding the right personal and or business talent management is key to all seeking representation. GDEM's 360 degree commitment is to have our clients top of mind 24/7, 365 days of the year. In other words, we are always there when needed the most. We provide razor-sharp focus, are fiercely overprotective of and committed to our clients. We take a keen interest in promoting, cultivating, branding and managing careers.  Every client is greatly valued and treated with dignity and respect. We are proud to say that we bring an effective hands on, familial, nurturing, and knowledgeable managerial perspective to representation. However, we are also no nonsense in upholding our belief that our clients are the most important part of our business be they actors, models, athletes, musicians, screenwriters, producers, directors or any other entity in the entertainment industry.  Our reputation and history of success with our clients' business and personal affairs, management needs, and career goals speak for itself. There is just no substitution for the best. Needless to say, a signed contract with GDEM signifies a relationship of mutual trust, honesty, and excellence in performing the many roles leading to a successful career in the industry. 

The complex, important, and often ground-breaking business matters on which we work, can attract the best and brightest talent. We have been lucky enough to have collaborated with some of the best. We serve a diverse range of clientele, but choose to work only with a select few and their teams so that we can deliver on our promise of giving meticulous attention to each need. We work hand in hand with our clients' agents to continue to strive in an ever-changing competitive business. We are very hands on and give specific instructions on every little step to make in the entertainment industry -- of course with some flexibility. We are more or less, the quarterback of the team (the talent, manager, agents, attorney, accountant,etc.). We set the direction and advise our clients on what needs to be and can be done to compete in the industry. And, sometimes we deliver the bad news in terms of what cannot be done. That's where the trust and integrity comes in. 

Often, more than one area of expertise is required in the art of business and personal talent management. Therefore, at our boutique agency, we pride ourselves on having a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing clients smart, sensible guidance as we advocate in many areas of their careers. Actors, artists, models, athletes, producers, directors, screenwriters, athletes, models and celebrities need someone on their side who is knowledgeable about how to accomplish the sometimes seemingly unimaginable. We strive to lead the way in personalized attention by staying aware, knowledgeable, transparent and current with "what's happening now" in the industry.  

Your Manager is the Quarterback of Your Team!

The quarterback is considered the captain of the team, calls the signals, directs and leads.

"24/7 -365, we handle your business with the dedication, optimism, exuberance, and strong commitment of a trusted business partner."