Our thumb print has been on the leading edge of the brand-building revolution for more than two decades. Diamond Deane & Daniels Communications,  GDE's marketing and branding division is where innovative and sophisticated strategies for clients are developed, cultivated, sustained, and capitalizing on their brand is devised. A variety of delivery platforms, which coupled with our clients' talent and skill, helps to shape their careers and realize new levels of success. 

Diamond Deane Daniels, with an experienced team builds GDE's clients a strong personal brand through innovative integrated marketing strategies. They also offer a wide range of marketing services including branding, sponsorships, public relations, social media campaigns, celebrity event creation, planning and productions and more. Together, we produce creative, signature marketing and branding programs that are specifically tailored for each of our clients. 



We Take Monetizing Your Brand Seriously 

Proper branding opens doors and creates opportunities that are aligned with your personal and professional goals.